Personas are used to describe web site users etc. They help Managers, Designers and the design team to focus. That focus can create better designs, reduce wasted time and make thinking easier. These articles explore the idea.

Articles about Personas

A natural direction sign!

Using a Customer Persona (Profile)

I've found it useful to define a single idealised user when creating a web page or web site. By addressing the words and design to that one person writing and design are easier. Also new feature ideas are easier to accept or reject, when evaluated against a good persona.

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Scallop on a bed of shells

Setting up a Persona

Managing a whole web site project can be hard. It must read well, the code must be sound, you want it to look good, it must avoid things that you know annoy visitors... On top of that you might need to share your overview with other people. Here's an approach I find useful. It brings together several of these threads. Starting with the overall intention of a visitor it incorporates appearance, readbility and the impact of things that annoy. It is structured and, in some way, reflects how your user might judge your site.


Canoeist in the Morning, Waitemata

Through your Visitor's eyes

When designing and refining a web site, a roadmap can save a lot of effort. Part of that roadmap is envisaging how your user actually sees the site. It makes sense for that to guide how you develop and test the site. An example of a persona that does this.

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Impact of content quality

Visualising the rating of a web site

It's useful to yourself and others to visualise a web site rating. The visualisations shown here, mostly represent an opinion of the site, seen through the eyes of a persona. The graphics can:

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Impact of content quality

Technical Quality of a Web Site

A lot of site visitors have a real appreciation of how web sites are built and will form their opinion based on more than words and looks. This article illustrates how a knowledgeable and discerning visitor might look beneath the surface and judge your site. He can easily inspect the markup, the stylesheets and script code. The point is illustrated through the eyes of Stuart (a persona used elsewhere on this site).

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