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When to ClickOnce

Click Once deployment holds promise as a way to combine good features of the web and the desktop. Many developers who have looked at promising technologies know that there is frequently a sting in the tail. After spending a lot of time evaluating a new technology a fatal problem is often found. (Sometimes called a gotcha.) Here's a summary of my rough analysis, it might help develop your own viewpoint.

Last Edited 21 February 2006


Cloud over the Rimutakas

Encoding Markup for XML Content Managers

Text that is repeatedly put through a web based content management system can get badly mutilated. If that text is treated as XML the mutilation can be fatal.

While investigating this I established the best encoding (numeric entities) to use and discovered a few problems that I hadn't been aware of.

This article is derived from internal notes and includes mention of, named character entities, literal Unicode glyphs, utf-8 encoding, numerically encoded characters (decimal and hexadecimal), truetype fonts, XML, XHTML, Content Management...


Rating Inputs

Performance Testing a IIS application

Can we convincingly test a IIS application before we publish it?

Bottom Line: Yes. Though a lot depends on creating realistic tests.

Other issues we addressed include: Can they be managed? Can they be remotely deployed? What are good business models? Handling exceptions. Roles in the organisation and making them happen. How to get server resources. Good software design.