Web site owners and developers face a sometimes bewildering array of things that a visitor might consider when judging their site. (Content, appearance, speed and looking at the code ...)

How can these be combined in a useful way? A way that assists development and site management?

This article introduces a technique that can be used to produce a single rating from a range of factors.

The Quality of your Web Site.

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A web site owner needs to balance a range of issues when deciding whether a web site is finished enough and when comparing it with the opposition.

It's not easy to hold this all in your head at one time so I've come up with a way to combine the factors in a computer program. This incorporates both subjective and objective issues like:

The factors, which include content, appearance and technical quality, can be shown graphically as illustrated below:

Example: Impact of Technical factors on quality.

This graph shows the effect of technical issues on the overall rating:

This graph shows the impact of some factors, which are easily seen by the savvy visitor but are often overlooked.

Decision Engineering can provide you with this analysis of your own site. It is based on the opinion of a discerning web site visitor and combines measurements, and opinion. You participate in the rating.

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